Baking With Kindness

Shelia is the founder/owner of The Humble Bakery. She has fond memories of baking with her Aunt as a child. From chocolate chip cookies to decorating sparkly sugared ones at Christmas. After a bumpy road, foster care, and Gods blessing; Shelia and her Sister, fell into the hands of an amazing family, and amazing cooks! From Moms dreamy chocolate pies, warm chocolate sheet cakes, to Big Moms...well, any bowl would have jumped with excitement just of the thought of having one of her creations mixed up in it. Shelia proudly served 13 years in the US Army. She earned her combat patch in Somalia Africa while assigned to the 10th Mountain. Challenging herself came naturally in Airborne, Air Assault, and SERE (what was she thinking!). After her enlistment, she joined her husband in Okinawa Japan for 3 years. While in Okinawa, she started her own catering business.  Fancy Hats Tea Parties. Upon returning to the States, she opened her first ever store front in Savannah Georgia.  A Whimsical Tea Cup Tea Parlor. What an honor to be asked to cater the entire Sugar Fairy's Sweets Party for 300 guest at the production of The Nutcracker Ballet! (Again, where we thinking!) After 3 years, the business was sold and she moved back to NC. Thats where the Humble Bakery got its start. In the small, quaint town of Red Springs. For 3 years, the bakery served fresh daily baked goods using all natural/organic ingredients, and organic espresso beverages.  Shelia closed her doors and opened her own private bake shop. This gave her more flexibility. The Humble Bakery is now ran and operated out of a private stand alone location that is inspected by The Department of Agriculture. We are now an all vegan bakery that has a passion for animals well being and our environment.  Upon receiving orders, we make all of our baked goods in small personal batches.  90% of our ingredients are organic. We first consider products that are Non GMO, environmentally friendly, and with super food ingredients. Our attention to detail and passion ensure that the end result is more than a baked good...its a kind, sweet experience!!


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